Life & TimesMusicThe State of Hip Hop in 2018

Mike Ginn January 4, 2018
The year is now 2018 and it’s been 44 years since DJ Kool Herc gave birth to hip hop at a friend’s birthday party in the Bronx. The young man’s game is not the hip version it claims to be and the lyrics are suspect at best. Is this just an old man’s rant about today’s music? Is it? The thought was yes until… 

Life & TimesThe Consistency of Change… The UFC’s Lightweight Division

Mike Ginn March 17, 2015
One thing is for sure, you never know what to expect in the UFC’s Lightweight 155lb division. At UFC 185, Rafael Dos Anjos not only took the Championship away from reigning title holder Anthony Pettis, he did so with relative ease. Pettis is not overrated, however he is two dimensional. Dos Anjos strategy of mixing it up, changing levels and never giving Pettis a standing target kept the Champion off-balance and after 5 rounds cost...

Life & TimesRonda Rousey (@RondaRousey): The Champ is Here

Mike Ginn March 2, 2015
14 seconds. That’s all it took for the UFC women’s Bantamweight champion to pull off a slick transition into an armbar and make Cat Zingano tap out. The submission victory marked the second time she has finished an opponent in under 16 seconds, this time tying a UFC record for fastest submission victory. Rousey, such a dominant figure in her sport. A passionate and aggressive fighter who leaves it all in the cage, never takes a...

SocietyState of Confusion, An Op-Ed

Mike Ginn December 21, 2014
What is this world that we are about to embark upon in 2015. Is it the world that is on the verge of a 1984-esque cyberwar? Is it the rebirth of Rodney King and the LA Riots? Are we about to enter an era of civil unrest over every politically incorrect and incoherent statement or action? What is this world today as we end 2014, I don’t recognize it from just a few short years...

10 for 1010 for 10: Ryan Cafaro (@RyanCafaroMMA) Talks About Striking Until He Hurts People, Stepping Up in Competition!

Erik Johnson September 29, 2017
Welcome back fight fans and boy are we glad to have you as we are very excited to bring you one of the top up and coming fighters in MMA, Ryan Cafaro (4-2). Ryan is currently the #66 ranked pro Featherweight in the Northeast and has a huge bout coming up with Chris Humer-Mitchell at King of the Cage in October so let’s get it and meet the man behind the gloves!

The InterviewZu Anyanwu (@ZuFC_215) Joins Us for a Quick Interview Before He Steps in on Short Notice to Make His UFC Debut at UFC Pittsburgh!

Erik Johnson September 16, 2017
Welcome back fight fans and today we have short notice interview with a guy you should be very familiar with, CFFC Heavyweight Champ and the eighth wonder of the world Zu Anyanwu! This interview has been long overdue as he finally got the call up by the UFC and he will make his debut tonight at UFC Fight Night aka UFC Pittsburgh. Now before we get into this make sure to get over to Twitter...

10 for 1010 for 10: Warfare Inc’s (@warfareinc1) James Cosenza Talks About Building His Brand, Training and the Importance of Loyalty!

Erik Johnson September 3, 2017
Welcome back fight fans. Today we are stepping outside of the cage and getting into the surrounding world of MMA and got the chance to sit down with our very good friends at Warfare Inc.(@warfareinc1) as they are quickly taking over the northeastern MMA scene. You may have seen their brand on the past interviews we have done with CFFC stars Jonavin Webb and Shedrick Goodridge. Warfare Inc boss James Cosenza took some time to...

10 for 10Ricky Bandejas (@rickybandejas) Talks About Hard Work, His New Title and What is up Next for the CFFC Bantamweight Champion!

Erik Johnson August 18, 2017
Well CFFC 66 is in the books and what a night it was! We saw Jonavin Webb gain yet another impressive CFFC win, Shawn Teed get another submission win and what should be the biggest win of the night, Ricky Bandejas capture the CFFC Bantamweight Title! Today we are very lucky to get the chance to sit down with the NEW CHAMP! Ricky is a guy we have had our eye on for a long...