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Years ago I was hanging out with friends drinking, talking having a good time; when my attention over and over was drawn to the music playing. I asked someone who album was playing and I was told it was Da YoungFellaz Jay Strom and Sho-Biz. This has happened before it is how I became aware that Illmatic was a historical album, that Mac Miller has talent even the fact that I can enjoy Dub-Step. The...


I have to say Knob Creek Bourbon has me speechless! Yes, I was aware that Knob Creek was exceptional bourbon and yes, I was aware that it was highly appreciated. What took me of guard was the fact that it works, period. What I mean is that there was not a single drink that I made where it wasn’t an improvement because of Knob Creek. A little history behind a bottle of Knob Creek; it...


One of the best things about 2011 was the introduction of Effen Cucumber vodka. Effen Cucumber completely took me by surprise it was refreshing, crisp, smooth and had a perfect cucumber flavor. The one question I had about the Cucumber vodka was if it could still be a pleaser in the winter months? Over the last few months I have been trying to make a cocktail that I believed would be a great winter cocktail. 


BEATS Detox Edition by Dr. Dre, are at your local Best Buy and make a great gift for any Hip-Hop fan. Yes, Detox album is still going thru phases and Dr. Dre is said to need a break. This may be the only way you get a little Detox in your life. I mean let’s face it the Detox album is almost as difficult to predict as the Lindsey Lohan road to getting sober. So...