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If Sebastian Vettel wins in Italy on Sunday does it well and truly mean that the title race is over for another year? He is already in a strong position in the standings and as he is usually strong in the Asian races that are yet to come if he takes the win at Monza should we expect championship number four for Seb.


Sebastian Vettel took the win at Spa with absolute ease. He flew past Lewis Hamilton on the very first lap and then from then just increased his lead lap after lap until we all knew we were in for another race of Vettel domination. Fernando Alonso drove magnificently to take second place and Hamilton rounded off the podium in third place.


If the qualifying is half as good as the race then we are all in for a real treat tomorrow! Hamilton secured a terrific pole in what I have to say is the most exciting qualifying session I have ever seen. Two Marussia’s and a Caterham reached Q2 and for so long it seemed as though Force India’s Paul Di Resta was destined for his first ever pole position. If the rain had persisted then...


The soccer season has begun once more with most European leagues kicking off over the past couple of weeks. The fans long summer of waiting for soccer to return is over and they can once again enjoy endless hours of watching, talking, playing and thinking about their beloved game. I used to count myself in the same category as these fans. Soccer was the center of my life, but not any more. The game has...