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For every Trish Stratus, there are many more males superstars like Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan. When it comes to second and third generation wrestlers, the gender gap is even larger. There are many more Randy Orton and Roman Reigns than Natalya and Charlotte’s. But that gap is closing and with the rise of women though things like NXT and talented trainers such as George South, Dave Finlay and Sara Del Ray, women...


First on the national scene doing work with ESPN and now here in the DC area with CSN Washington, what’s the journey been like for you and how did you get here? Jennifer Williams: A lot of hard work! At ESPN there are so many talented people and amazing opportunities. Once I started hosting a fantasy hockey segment for ESPN mobile, I knew digital was where I needed to be. After earning a masters in digital media,...


What do you think of the state of wrestling today? Compared to the 80’s & 90’s? Marty Jannetty: Wrestling has changed to a more soap opera-ish product, but, it’s still the best entertaining thing on TV so…learn to live and love the changes…everything in life will always be a change..nothing, but MJ N D House will ever remain the same, and even old MJ has a few new wrinkles..