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This week in history takes us on a journey from the beginnings of Linux to the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Houdini escapes and a book that keeps history’s greatest feats on record. Birthdays include the lovely Blake Lively and Mickie James as well as Star Trek’s Chris Pine.


In a new column beginning here on DCXIV, we are taking a look at some of the amazing things that have happened in history this week. This week we look at meteors in the sky, the birth of Indycar, evolution, NASA losing something, Bin Laden warning America, Texas scoring a lot of runs and Pete Rose being Pete Rose. Oh… and a few people were born.


This is not going to be one of my long and well thought out blog posts. I will work on getting one of those to you later in the week. In fact, I have a good one in mind. So stay tuned. But in the meantime… Seriously? What the hell? First it was a “news” story, and I stress the word “news” in the loosest fashion, but still “widely” covered, that Michael Vick was drinking...


K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid. As a web developer I find myself going back to the old adage. KISS. It’s an acronym we use in the industry to basically say, hey… don’t over think it, just do it and make it work. So many times as a developer, I stare at the same code looking to tweak it, perfect it, or basically complicate it as much as humanly possible before I realize the solution was...