The InterviewThe Interview: Bellator’s Shedrick “Chocolate Thunder” Goodridge (@CTGoodridge_185)

Hey there MMA universe, today we have yet another amazing fighter sitting down with us here at ArtofMMA. Today’s we get the pleasure of sitting down with Team Bombsquad fighter, Shedrick Goodridge who will be making his Bellator debut on April 4th in a Welterweight bout vs Sam Oropeza. I can promise you we will be talking about Goodridge very soon so take some time and get to know some of the future of MMA!...
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Hey there MMA universe, today we have yet another amazing fighter sitting down with us here at ArtofMMA. Today’s we get the pleasure of sitting down with Team Bombsquad fighter, Shedrick Goodridge who will be making his Bellator debut on April 4th in a Welterweight bout vs Sam Oropeza. I can promise you we will be talking about Goodridge very soon so take some time and get to know some of the future of MMA! Also make sure to follow him on Twitter @CTGoodridge_185.

Thanks a ton for taking the time to sit down with us here at, how has everything been going? Can you take a minute and let us know a little about yourself and what got you into the world of MMA? Did you always know you would be a fighter or did you know right away you wanted to be a fighter?

CT: Thank you for having me guys and everything has been going great camp is good just getting ready for this fight. Well I was born in Staten Island NY moved to Rahway NJ where I grew up and went to school. I’ve always loved watching mma and was a wrestler all through middle school and high school I ended up joining the military where I started doing combative training which was pretty much bjj I started winning competitions and when my time was up in the military I felt I should at least try it out… I saw how dominant wrestlers were so I met up with James Meals from Camp Sao Lak Muay Thai and MMA when working with him i knew it was what i was gunna do and we took my mma Career from there.

You live in Jersey which is also the hometown of some big name guys like Renzo Gracie and his team and former UFC Champion Frankie Edgar. Do you think Jersey flies below the radar in terms of the great fighters that come out of there? Also being from Jersey you get put in a stereotype of being the like Jersey Shore show and all that mess, what is a typical day in the life of “Chocolate Thunder” like?

CT: You know what I feel to the uneducated fans they would think Jersey is underrated but for the fans that are really into mma know about jersey and the east coast and then Renzo Gracie Family has been apart of my growth as a fighter having Steve Romanides and Artur Rofi teaching the BJJ classes at camp Sao Lak then we made a move to join with Jamal Patterson another Black Belt under Renzo so I’ve had the blessing and honor of working with them…and I hate that none of the cast of Jersey Shore was really from Jersey and I’ve been doing my camp up in Ithaca NY I’m staying with some of the fighters from team Bombsquad Aljamain Sterling 7-0 Dez Green 9-1 and Darrius Heylinger 5-1 my day is pretty simple wake up eat breakfast hop on the bus get to the gym do my strength and conditioning take a little break then hit pads with either Ryan Ciotoli or Matt Lee hang out for a little eat lunch..if needed teach a couple privates do another Muay Thai class then our team practice eat dinner then do it over again the next day.

Is there anything you do like teaching or running camps for kids to help promote MMA in a positive light to your community?

CT: Well back in Jersey I help coach the pee wee wrestling team I get in there whenever I can…I mean I just try to be a good role model by being me and going for what I believe in and not stooping even when I reach the goal I keep finding ways to get better. I feel by doing that the kids would see and follow in my footsteps.

You are young guy in terms of MMA (23 years old) and have already fought some really tough guys like Brennan Ward and Brett Oteri, do you like taking these really tough fights (not there is such a thing as an easy fight) this early in your career?

CT: I mean taking on that type of completion lets me know where I stand with some of the top guys and I don’t want “easy fights” when I retire and when I’m done with my MMA career I want to be able to say I fought tough guys throughout my Whole Career I would rather have a 500 record going into a big fight knowing I fought though guys then being undefeated fighting not so tough opponents and getting to the big show and getting embarrassed.

On this Bellator 95 Card there are some big names like former UFC fighter Karo Parisyan and a women’s MMA bout. What are your views on the rise of Women’s MMA? TUF was just announced as co-ed this year, how do you see that playing out and would you ever take part of those “reality” MMA shows?

CT: I love women’s MMA I feel everyone should get a shot at what they love to do if it’s Fighting then let them do it…and sometimes the women fights are more interesting then the males so more power 2 them I look at them as fighters I trained with some tough girls back in Jersey Jennifer Lopez (3-1 Ammy) and Katlyn Chookagian (2-0 Ammy) if u went in with any of them thinking I’m gunna go easy cause she’s a girl u might end up on ur ass Just Sayin. It’s hard to say how this season of the Ultimate Fighter with the males and females living together are gunna workout but hey we shall see. Of course I would (TUF) it gets most fighters the exposure u need to stay relevant in the fight game if ur also having exciting fights.

You recently made a change in the camps you train with, can you tell us a little about that. Why the change and is it a hard transition going from one camp to another?

CT: I made the change because my team came together and made a group decision on where they think I would be able to succeed James made a call to Ryan and next thing u know I’m over with the Bombsquad boys…That’s love right there to have me go to another camp to do my thing and get better I love James Meals and it’s not like when I come home I stop training ill get work in with the guys back home that will always be my family and I still rep my team back home to the fullest…it wasn’t hard at all to make the change everyone over here was pretty inviting Evan Velez 6-2 was a good part in making that happen a long with my roommates I mentioned earlier so it was pretty easy making the move.

In your last fight, CES “Undisputed 2” you took on Brett Oteri, congrats on that win! Can you walk us through that finish because from a fan view it was confusing. He had you in a choke that you clearly were getting out of (nice work with the left hand), then Brett starts talking to the official, you sit up and blast him and boom fight over. (You can see the fight here

CT: Thank you very much and with the ending of the Oteri fight he made a great transition into the choke I knew I had to defend right away or I was going out. I knew I had the first round and was dominating this round so I couldn’t let it go down like that. I started to posture to take pressure off the choke while I was using my left hand to break the choke I was using shoulder pressure to his chest when I felt the grip start to break I heard him say “wait wait” but in my mind I was like I can’t stop until the ref breaks it up so I kept swinging until the ref broke us up.

Now moving from that fight you get called up to Bellator, can you talk to us about what that has been like and what type of fight should be expect from you vs Sam who is a super tough guy?

CT: Yes it was a pretty cool thing hearing that I got the call from Bellator again…I was supposed to fight for them earlier in my career but it fell through so to hear they wanted me again was good 2 know…and you guys should expect a high paced standup battle he has good striking and so do I…I feel I have the advantage on the feet he throws at odd angles so ill have to get used to that but it shouldn’t be hard I’m going to use my wrestling to keep this fight standing and look for the KO.

As you write you are in camp preparing for this fight. Fans hear about weight cuts and how hard that is but your camp leading up to the fight has so much more like dieting, planning, video and more. Can you talk to us about your camp so far and what is left as the fight is about 10 (will change # when you return) away?

CT: My camp is going great Ryan brought in Clint Wattenberg as my nutritionist and I feel great being fully hydrated and pretty close to weight this close to the fight so I’m pumped like every other camp the intensity level is high…I feel it is a little higher because I’m fighting on the card with 2 other Teammates in Brian Khelleher 9-3 And the soon to be NEW BELLATOR 145lb CHAMP Shahbulat Shamhalaev so we just want to keep each other on out toes so Bombsquad can come through with a clean sweep on the 4th.

We are going to pause this interview here as Shedrick has agreed to talk with us after his fight is over and we can follow up on how it went and all of that. Before we close are there any sponsors, people or companies you would like to mention?

CT: Yes I would deff love to thank all my sponsors JerseyPump, Knights of the Octagon, Martial Law Clothing, Defense Soap, and Bonafide Tough Guy… My management team In JP Boyles and Brian Gillespie My whole Bombsquad team up here for helping me get through this camp Matt lee for working extensively with me coach Alex for helping with sharpening my boxing my guys back home at All Star Mma/Camp Sao Lak for continuing to show love and support Ryan Ciotoli for investing his time and work into me Rahway NJ for showing support and standing behind me All My Fans and Chocolate Thunder supporters and most importantly My Family for always supporting what I do… see you guys for Part 2 thank you for having me guys (^_^).

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