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What is this world that we are about to embark upon in 2015. Is it the world that is on the verge of a 1984-esque cyberwar? Is it the rebirth of Rodney King and the LA Riots? Are we about to enter an era of civil unrest over every politically incorrect and incoherent statement or action? What is this world today as we end 2014, I don’t recognize it from just a few short years...

In an era of craft cocktails and a pre-prohibition style of mixology, Ginbrew gives you the tools and necessities to make one of the world’s oldest concoctions known to man… gin. Well, to be a little more specific… compound gin. You see, Ginbrew gives you the herbs, the mason jar and the instructions. You just buy the vodka, add the ingredients and infuse it for 7 days.