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Mike GinnNovember 14, 20123 min

The Nexus 4 from Google is their latest in the line of Google branded phones, this time manufactured by LG. It’s fast and lightweight. Features the amazing PhotoSphere technology, a quad-core, 3D graphics and even 2 GB of RAM. Google’s fastest phone ever. For a phone that has everything, one has to ask why Google chose to leave out the most important feature that ALL U.S. phones feature today… LTE. Why Google? Why?


Kevin Rose, originally from California but grew up in Las Vegas. He went to a tech high school and then on to UNLV. Growing up in the bright lights of Sin City would set the tone for Rose through his climb. Never satisfied. Always wanting more. So how does a 29 year old technology geek end up on the cover of Business Week? That is the story of Kevin Rose and how he climbed from...


Did Microsoft really cost itself 30 Billion dollars a year? Yes, you read the title of this article correctly. I said it. Yahoo wins in this deal, and they win big. And further more… I’m going to tell you why they win. Jason Calacanis famously says often as he can, that search is a one billion dollar per percentage point business. Thus Microsoft now holds roughly 30 percent of the search market. And while he...


Stop me if you have heard this before… Microsoft has this new product coming out, it will still suck. We hate it. Microsoft is a terrible company. Have you seen the product? No, but it’s Microsoft so it has to suck. The company that arguably runs the planet with it’s software, servers and platforms… yet… is almost universally crapped upon every chance the world gets a chance to. But why? How did Microsoft go from...